My hero academia season 5 updates

My hero academia’s 10-year movie plan is widely known but what Horikoshi recently stated might come as a shock. In the recent Jump Festa, he asked the fans to remain hyped about the upcoming events (5th season, movies, and exhibitions, etc.), he didn’t forget to thank the fans for their continuous support and then he added that the manga would probably reach its conclusion soon.

Time and again Horikoshi has hinted that he is interested in according a short ending to My hero academia. Moreover, with the war arc wrapping up, we are pretty much aware of most of the highly anticipated mysteries such as Dabi and his family reunion, All for one and his true motives, One for all, and the unknown predecessor. Hence there is no way that the story would remain the same, focusing on school festivals, etc.

A prison arc and in addition to that some light student arcs in contrast to the dark war arc are what this manga needs at this point. With this amount of strength, everyone can predict how a fight with Deku will result. We will not want to see some students fighting Deku! But at this point, we can’t completely predict the future. Hence, we have to wait for how the story would wind up.

The release date for season 5 has recently been confirmed. On the official website of My hero academia, it was announced that season 5 will premiere on March, 27th 2021, in which Class 1-A is about to take on Class 1-B in a new training competition.


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