Netflix documentary 'I Am Georgina' will reveal how Georgina Rodriguez met Cristiano Ronaldo

In a new Netflix documentary titled ‘I Am Georgina‘, Georgina Rodriguez will being her love story to life and share how she met and fell in love with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The documentary doesn’t have a release date yet but is slated to release sometime in 2021.

In the first promo of the show, Georgina, 27, admitted that her “life changed” since meeting the football star. She said, “I am 27 and five years ago my life has changed.”

“The day I met Cristiano (in Madrid) was a Thursday in the summer, as I was leaving the shop when a handsome man almost two meters tall [entered].”

While Ronaldo, 36, said that, “It was a split-second moment. I never thought it would be that big as to fall in love with her, I really didn’t expect it. Georgina is the woman I am totally in love with.”

According to the director of entertainment of Netflix Spain, Alvaro Diaz, “Georgina is totally honest and recognizes in the documentary that her life changed from having nothing to absolutely everything.”

I Am Georgina‘ has a strong aspirational component about how Georgina went from selling luxury to being gifted it and showing it off on the red carpet.

“She was a normal young woman whose life changed dramatically one day. She was leaving work one day and crossed paths with the love of her life. Who has not dreamed of that?

“Cristiano’s incorporation is total but complements a vision of who Georgina is and her relationship with the father of her children.

“It conditions all her life but the focus is on her and knowing her also through her own eyes.”

So, that’s going to be quite exciting for Ronaldo fans. Also, tell us how excited are you about this in the comment section. Stay tuned with us for more updates.



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