Britney Vs Spears Will Explore More About Pop Star's 13-year Conservatorship

Britney Spears’s 13-year conservatorship has got some heat after Hulu brought the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary earlier this year. And now following Hulu’s path Netflix is releasing a must-watch “Britney Vs Spears” documentary on September 28, which will reveal more secrets about Britney conservatorship.

We have seen Britney Spears as a performer, artist, and icon. Now, we will be going to see Britney as a fighter who is fighting for her freedom for the last 13 years. Where “Framing Britney Spears” is more about her fanbase which brings back the #FreeBritney, Netflix’s “Britney Vs Spears” documentary will be telling more about conservatorship and how it affected Britney, and how James Spears keep it so long.

Here watch the trailer below:

The trailer gives a hint there are more secrets related to this incident which are going to be released soon. With this, it will showcase all these years’ investigative work, interviews, and documents by portraying Britney’s life tragedy from a girl to a woman trapped by fame and family by her legal status.

The documentary will also feature some people who are related to Britney’s life. To make this documentary it took more than a year so that they can provide every aspect of Britney’s life.

Netflix also released the teaser of ‘Bretniy Vs Spears’ in which there is an audio clip. You can listen to it below:

“Britney Vs Spears” documentary is directed by Erin Lee (some of the movies directed by him are Dirty Money, Mommy Dead, and Dearest, I Love You, Now Die). Erin Lee Carr and journalist Jenny Eliscu worked together to go through its tangled history of conservatorship deeply that has been in place for over 13 years. 

The documentary is being produced by Sarah Gibson, Kate Berry, and Erin Lee Carr. And the executive producers are Dan Cogan, Liz Garbus, Jon Bardin, Julie Gaither, Jenny Eliscu, and Amy Herdy.

Although this documentary is made without the authorization of Britney Spears. If you want to know all secrets of Britney Spears conservatorship do watch Britney Vs Spears on Netflix from September 28, which is just before Spears’ next court date on September 29.

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