Ninja reveals he made a whopping $5M in one month from his creator code alone

Richard Tyler Belvins we all know him with internet alias “Ninja”, who is a professional gamer and video streamer, has revealed that during his fame in Fortnite he collected a whopping $5million in a month from his creator code alone.

We all know that Ninja has quit Fortnite, but during his high fame in 2018 he was raking millions in a month. During the Epic Flagship Battle Royale title, Ninja got into the topic of earnings. Ninja was at the top of earnings in mid-2018. His source of income comes from subscriptions and donations but he also revealed that most parts of his earnings come from Fortnite popular “Support-a-Creator” code, reports Dexerto.

“I think the most I ever made in a month off the Fortnite creator code was something like $5 million,” the streamer admitted. “I’m not joking.”

“You know, it’s funny,” he added, “but I actually talked sh*t to someone the other day who was just roasting my League of Legends game, and I told him that I could buy his family tree.”

According to research, creators only get 5% of every purchase of Fortnite Skins. That means Ninja sold must have been enormous which leads to Epic netted around $100million just from only his sales.

You are thinking it cannot be possible to have tempting millions in a month. But there is sponsorship, brand deals, and contracts given to creators like Ninja and Shroud which helps them to attract huge bidding wars. Streamers also revealed that they sign up for advertising streams with studios that help them to earn pretty well.

Ninja Victory Royale

You know what for a single day Asmongold offered $300k to play a new title and Shroud and Dr. Disrespect drag to play Apex for $1million. Back in 2019, former Halo Pro revealed that he earned around $10 million in the entire year 2018, and 70% of that coming from Twitch and Youtube.

According to reports, it is estimated that the best year of Ninja’s life is 2018 as he racked around $25 million in that year alone. It is a tempting amount and this doesn’t even include the Red Bull deal or the streamers Monster Mixer Signing. From all this, we can say that if we grow well in streaming we could just earn well from just pastime.


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