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Here again, Google comes with a new feature this time it is with the Play Store. As you know, the Play Store is used to install and update applications. These applications can be of any size, type, and more.

Web-users always want services faster so here Google resolves our problem by introducing a new feature of the Play Store which they named “APP INSTALL OPTIMIZATION”.

What does this new feature do?

  • This feature improves our experience with the play store by faster install, run and open an app on Android devices i.e why they call it App Install Optimization.
  • It does not collect user’s personal information.
  • Reduces the burden of CPU, battery, and storage.
Play store new feature

How does it work?

When this feature will activate on your device, Google will be able to tell about which part of the app you visited first after installation. Don’t worry they are not accessing personal information.

When the particular app is installed by the number of users then google able to optimize the app to install, open and run for every user.

This will work also in case if you have “Turned off” app install optimization by providing information from other users ‘ gathered data.

What information does it collect?

It collects which part of the app you visited first and in which order and analyses it with other users. Through this, they will get to know about trends and the most important parts of the app.

What to not worry about

  • Not collecting personal information about name, email address.
  • Also not collecting data stored within the application.
  • It will not collect data outside the application or about other applications on the device.
  • This is a server-side update so it will be automatically shown on your device.
Steps to Turn on or off App Installation Optimization

Steps to Turn on or off App Installation Optimization

  • Open your Play Store.
  • Tap on the top right corner where your profile is located.
  • Choose Settings option
  • After the settings page opens, there is a toggle button of APP INSTALL OPTIMIZATION.

This feature will improve our experience with applications, get to know about the latest trends, and put the applications on top lists. I hope you got this information useful. If any doubts please let me know by sending your doubt in the comment section.



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