PlayStation x Netflix Game collaboration in works

Netflix, one of the most popular streaming service platforms, has previously stated that it is exploring the gaming business and hopes to offer games for streaming as soon as next year for free through its rumored Netflix Game aka N Game service. According to reports, the video service behemoth is working on an arcade service akin to what Apple already offers. It’s worth noting that some compare it to Xbox Game Pass.

To prepare for growth, Netflix just hired a gaming executive, Mike Verdu, who was previously the head of Facebook Gaming. He is presently the streaming company’s Vice President of Game Development.

In addition, the streaming behemoth intends to package gaming services with its streaming subscription, which already includes blockbuster movies, series, documentaries, and anime shows. Even though Netflix has yet to reveal the contents of its planned gaming platform, a curious leaker has discovered what the video platform is currently working on.

Netflix Game and PlayStation Collab

Netflix’s gaming platform has the codename “Shark,” which symbolizes the shark’s fin graphic on its iOS app, according to a Twitter user and data miner who goes by the alias, Steve Moser.

Moser also discovered a special icon in the project that appears to be for Sony’s PS5 controllers along with the ‘N Game’ logo which could be short of ‘Netflix Game’. However, the Netflix and PlayStation connection are purely speculative based on one sighting.

The data miner and leaker also spotted an image of a game called “The Ghost of Tsushima,” which is exclusive to the Sony gaming console. Again, until the two firms acknowledge the supposed agreement, Netflix and PlayStation fans should take it with a grain of salt.

According to ComicBook, the revelation raises more questions – Is PlayStation collaborating with Netflix on the project? Is it merely a partner who makes the streaming platform’s gaming ambitions possible?



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