Netflix hopes to offer Video Games for Streaming from next year

As we know Netflix is a streaming service offering a wide variety of award-winning movies, TV shows, anime, and documentaries. But for the past few years, there have been some rumors that Netflix is planning to jump into video games, and taking another step towards it the company has hired Mike Verdu, as vice president of game development, reports Bloomberg.

Mike Verdu is a well-known figure in this field, he was a former Vice president of AR and VR games and content at Facebook and served as head of EA mobiles, moreover, he supervised studios behind Star War: Galaxy of Heroes, Simcity BuildIt, Plant vs Zombies and many more.

Netflix is working on the game development team and it will soon configure these aspects so that it could offer games for streaming from next year. Though streaming gaints is new in launching games but not totally inexperienced, it had previously developed games centered on its shows and released them on mobiles (like Stranger Things mobile title) and consoles.

As per Bloomberg, the games will be streamed on Netflix itself, no other platform will be created, and will be streamed parallel to its shows and movies under their own category. There are initially no plans for extra charges for game access but it is not certain that in near future these additional features would lead to expensive packages.

Netflix had been ever since it discovered one of the top-rated companies and to keep this going it is now advancing towards the gaming field and also to keep its hold over bigger markets.



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