Amd Ryzen

A short time ago a Renoir system almost took the world record for DDR4 memory clock, but it didn’t really cut it off. Now, the overclockers in the Asus ROG team have managed to push one of Crucial Ballistix Max’s stick to 6666.6 MHz, taking the crown as the highest DDR4 speed, making it the highest memory speed of all time.

AMD Ryzen 1

The HWBots submission can be found under the name of Bianbao XE, which set the record on the ROG Strix B550-I Gaming motherboard with an AMD Ryzen 7 4700GE ‘Renoir’ APU. Mini-ITX memory overclockers are often used because of shorter tracks between the CPU and the memory. Although the APU itself was only 1.5V, it was underclocked to 1889 MHz.

Naturally, the overclockers had to return to the memory timing. As a result, 30-27-27-58 latencies were obtained, but they are still very fast if they are converted into real-world terms. The memory used in this timeout runs hilariously from the factory at 2666 MHz.


You may be wondering why I need to overclock my memory so much, but there is a good reason for that. Pushing the memory to the boundary of GHz is identical as in CPUs and GPUs, the memory must also advance in accordance with the high core CPUs of today.



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