samsung laptop amd exynos

In 2019, Samsung began working on a mobile GPU with AMD. The firm provided an update on the partnership last month, stating that the component would make its way into its next “flagship product.” The assumption at the time was that Samsung was integrating the GPU into a phone like the next Galaxy Fold. We now have a report suggesting that the company is going to do something even more interesting with the technology.

According to ZDNet Korea’s industry sources, the Exynos 2200, which is thought to be the name of the next Samsung processor, will actually power a Windows 10 laptop in the second half of the year sometime after the release of the next Galaxy Note which Samsung is said to still be working on amid previous reports of its demise. This is the same processor that is thought to be the first of its kind to use the Radeon graphics technology from AMD, something that is certainly necessary to run something as heavy as Windows 10, including its ARM version.

In the past, Samsung has dabbled with Windows 10 laptops based on ARM, but so far it has always relied on Qualcomm to supply those computers with processors. Effectively, at the moment, the chipmaker has a monopoly on the market, but it has not translated into Windows ARM taking off. Part of it can be attributed to the implementation by Microsoft.

In recent years, software compatibility has improved significantly, but you’ll still find the odd program on your ARM-based computer that won’t run smoothly. That’s not to assume that if Samsung were to build a computer with its own silicon, those problems would go away, but the alternative is to allow Apple to create a dominant lead with its M1 Macs.



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