Samsung selling its Galaxy S21 Ultra's 10x optical zoom module to other global OEMs - Craffic

Samsung after revolutionizing the concept of zoom cameras in mobile with its latest dual folded camera module capable of 10x optical zoom, in its latest flagship phone Galaxy S21 Ultra. Now it looks like Samsung doesn’t want this immersive technology just for itself, as the company is planning to supply this module to other global smartphone companies.

We can soon see the optical 10x zoom camera in smartphone by other OEMs instead seeing it in just Galaxy S21 Ultra. As reported by SamMobile, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has confirmed today that it is “already supplying the dual folded camera to global smartphone companies.” However, the company hasn’t named any clients so we can’t guess which OEMs will use the optical 10x zoom camera next.

Along with this announcement, Samsung Electro-Mechanics also claimed that it is planning to use the technology and expertise it achieved in the mobile area in automotive area to expand its business. Suggesting that the company wants to become a bigger supplier of optical sensors in automotive area too.

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