Watch Samsung mocking Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Quality in New Ad

One smartphone brand taking a punch at other brand occasionally, is not a big deal in smartphone market. Samsung has been caught doing such things in the past too, particularly against its opponent Apple. But this taking it little further Samsung has mocked the Cupertino giants high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera in its new TV ads. Which comes after it mocked Apple for not including the charger in the box of is latest iPhone 12.

Samsung humiliated iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera quality in three new Ads

As reported by Gizmochina, Samsung dropped some new TV promotions in the US as well as on their official YouTube channel. In these promotions, the South Korean tech giants can be seen comparing its present flagship phone – Galaxy S21 Ultra, with the highest offering from the Apple i.e. iPhone 12 Pro Max. They picked situations and highlighted camera features that would embarrass the iPhone.

Now the new punch line from Samsung was “Your phone update shouldn’t be a minimization” and we can the company displaying that in the promotions very well. The First advertisement we can see a scene where two gadgets are being compared while capturing a cheese sandwich in their cameras. Which results in Galaxy S21 Ultra taking a lot more serious level of detail contrasted compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max because of its higher 108-megapixel resolution sensor.

Where the second advertisement went considerably further by taking zoom test of two gadgets to embarrass the Apple iPhone. For those who don’t know, the Galaxy S21 Ultra have a 100x zoom lens on the back camera module. And which was compared with the 12x magnification offered by the iPhone 12 Pro Max, causing it to appear to be horrendous concerning details.

Finally, on its third advertisement, Samsung highlighted its Galaxy S21 Ultra’s Single Take feature over iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Live Photo. Here, an S21 Ultra user captured up to 14 types of photos and videos in 3 to 10 seconds, while iPhone 12’s Live Photo only records 3 seconds of video of a picture.

By seeing these ads we can say that they are rigorously custom-made to support the Galaxy S21 Ultra. But one cannot deny that pace of adapting new features and technology is little slow at Apple, as its present high-end model still not offers any type of zoom lens to date.

However, that doesn’t seem to bother Apple as its best-selling smartphone in Q1 2021 is iPhone 12 Pro Max. On a related note comparing it with Samsung, in the list of best-selling smartphone in Q1 2021, iPhone 12 Pro Max has gained the #2 spot where as Galaxy S21 Ultra gained #5 spot, reports CounterPoint.


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