Science Claims in 2020 if proven, Could be a Breakthrough

Scientists and people have been fascinated by the discoveries about ancient life on earth and the cosmos in 2020. But these discoveries are yet to be declared valid as they require more evidence to earn a spot in our science textbooks. Some of these discoveries or findings are below.

Does Venus Cloud have Life?

Recently the planet Venus showed signs of the presence of life on it. The telescopes were on duty to analyze the clouds of Venus and they spotted traces of phosphine in small quantities suggesting that something is responsible for producing the gas. If the science of production of phosphine gas is studied on Earth, prime emitters are industrial processes or by certain microbes which gives hints for astrobiologists to theorize science that Venus’ relatively temperate upper atmosphere may be home to certain bacteria. But this is also suggested that this is an unexpected stroke of good luck in the results of data processing as the phosphine detection was a misread.   

Radio Signals from Aliens

Many of us must have heard this year that we received a fast radio burst in the Milky Way and this was for the first time astronomers caught this. This is also speculated that the source for the super bright boost of radio waves resembles to be a magnetar which a neutron star with a powerful magnetic field. But it may be too early to prove that the magnetars were the reason behind the dozens of previously observed fast radio bursts as these flashes could not be traced back to the source that came from galaxies too far away from us.

Science Claims
A bright radio burst generated by a magnetar (one illustrated) in the Milky Way suggests that these highly magnetic neutron stars may be responsible for other fast radio bursts previously observed.

Tube Species

In an outcropping in China, hundreds of fossilized brachiopods were discovered with tubes stuck to their outer shells that may have been the house of the earliest-known parasites. Their life dates back to 512 million years ago. Organisms may have been living inside the tubes swiped food from their filter-feeding hosts as per the speculations of researchers.

As the tubes were not separated from the fossil that means they could not have survived on their own. But questions have been raised by the critics that was the relationship truly parasitic as tubed-up brachiopods did not seem any different from their tube-free counterparts.

Tube Species
Ancient organisms that lived in tubes stuck to clamlike brachiopods (illustrated) may be the earliest known examples of parasites.

Ordinary Matter- Yet to be found

It is believed that only half of the Universe’s expected amount of ordinary matter has been logged and the rest half is yet to be discovered. And the astronomers have speculated that this other half is hiding in the intergalactic space. This was deduced by the analysis of how the fast radio burst’s small sample was disrupted by particles on the way to Earth. So to find out this half of the matter, we need to closely analyze bright blasts of radio waves.

Ordinary Matter
Observations of brief, brilliant flashes of radio waves from other galaxies, detected by the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (shown), suggest that all of the universe’s “missing” ordinary matter lurks in intergalactic space

Cosmic Ghost

One of the star’s destructive encounter with a black hole may have revved a ghostly subatomic particle. This was sensed by the IceCube detector in Antarctica where the 200 trillion electron volt was carried by the neutrino which is about 30 times as much energy as that of a proton that is accelerated by the Large Hadron Collider.

Scientists compared a flash of light in the sky caused by a black hole shredding a star to this neutrino detection. The chance for the collision of flash and neutrino is just 0.2%. And if the findings are correct then it would be the first direct evidence that shredding a star can accelerate neutrinos to high energies and only the second time a high-energy neutrino has been tracked down to its source.

Coshmic Ucertainity
A high-energy neutrino may have been born when a black hole ripped apart a star.

When Americans interacted?

Another debate which has been going on for ages has raged that when humans did first travel to and from the Americas. Many suggest that people had arrived 15,000 years earlier in North America than it is thought which is due to the discovery of roughly 33,000-year-old stone tools unearthed in Mexico. While the debate is never-ending that whether these tools could the remains of naturally broken rocks rather than being stone tools.

Stone tools?
If confirmed as stone tools, this object and others unearthed in a cave in Mexico suggest humans arrived in North America by at least 33,000 years ago.

Some of the research groups suggest that through the path of the open ocean of thousands of kilometers, the indigenous South Americans reached eastern Polynesia more than 800 years ago.  And genetic results show that Polynesians mated with South Americans. But some doubt that whether South Americans had the tools to sail off in the ocean. But the Polynesians had the expert navigators that may have traveled to South America and brought the DNA back.


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