tesla model pi

Tesla has announced the launch of its first-ever Tesla Model pi phone which is going to compete with the highest brand smartphones and will have staggering features.

Elon Musk is one such person who never misses amazing with his freaking technology and this time it is a smartphone. Elon Musk and Tesla claim the manufacturing and selling of the Model pi phone soon.

In this article, we are going to check out the features that would be in this phone.

Elon Musk’s Tesla is an automotive tech company and not a car company as claimed by Musk himself and he always looks forward to finding some technology that could be helpful for people and an amazing trend. In an interview, Musk had stated that several software updates bring problems for users be it security-related or compatibility. He also said that as an iPhone user, each update proves to be less impressive for users. 

When Musk switched his talk to his assumption of a smartphone that could control the car and communicate with vehicles, it was clear that this is the inspiration behind the Model p/pi Tesla phones.

Peculiar features of Tesla Model Pi phone

  1. Usage of Neuralink Neural Network 

This tesla model pi phone is supposed to use Neuralink Neural network read conviction and in situations where you can show gestures only.

  1. Cameras: there are four cameras in the back side which are assumed to work simultaneously carrying different actions. One camera would be the front side that would be hidden one for better performance. 
  2. Enabling crypto mining for Marscoin
  3. Solar charging support 
  4. Its skin would be color changing: changing colors in different chromatic light of sun
  5. Sync with starlink: This phone will have a link with starting connections to make you connect even from Mars and this will surely help to jibe other Tesla devices( cars).

Tesla Model pi phones bring high speed and a sleek design with Starlink connection and Neural network giving every other smartphone brand a big fight.

 Though the launch date is secret, this phone is going to revolutionize phone technology and users will surely enjoy it.



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