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As we know that, recently COVID-19 was introduced as stressful in the world and made a very hard impact on health. Due to COVID-19, we are facing mental illness/anxiety and a negative impact on our health and it should be taken as the most priority of us.

Spend Leisure Time With Hobby

During the late time, we found the love of outdoors rather than indoor because at those times we have limited sources and outdoor activities turn out good things for mental health. We can do any hobby that we love like dancing, stamp collection, singing, and many more, which will reduce stress/anxiety and provide various health benefits. 

An Experiment Done By Society Of Behavioural Medicine

In the experiment, the researchers observed a group of 115 adults based on their daily activities and come across the fact that the adults who had spent time in the leisure activities reported 34% less stress and 18% less sadness than those who didn’t spend time in leisure activities.

Assistance professor of psychology at the University of California named Matthew Zawadzki, Ph.D. stated that “If we begin thinking about the influence of beneficial vestige day after day, year after year, it arises to make the thought of how leisure can help enhance health for a long duration. Stress can cause higher heart rate, blood pressure, and hormone levels, therefore the more we can stop this overworked state, the less of a load it builds up.”  

Gardening helps in improving health

Exercise Play A Crucial Role 

Contradicting, you can’t say that you don’t give time to spend leisure for your hobby and you can’t take risk about your life as the hobbies lead to reduce your stress and sadness. As Yale E360, studies found that the time spending in nature can prove therapeutic. The Gardening offers a sensory-immersive experience that helps us to concentrate on the present moment. Michelle Polk (A acupuncturist and herbalist) said that “Gardening is grounding, that brings you closer to the earth and let you heal yourself by tending to other living things. It’s affordable and grants you with food, herbs, and beautiful flowers”. 

At The End

Journaling can offer a quality of thoughts and emotions in a good manner. Meanwhile, listening to music, baking, gardening, drawing, many more can give you relief from stress, sadness, can manage the anxiety as the stress-reducing art of therapy. Even any type of physical activity like dancing, yoga or jogging, or running can help in this. At the last, not least, it doesn’t even matter what hobby you chosen, rather thing matters that the hobby you choose should give pleasure and make it part of self-care for you.



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