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As we all know about the COVID-19 pandemic, an infectious disease defining the global health crisis of time & greatest challenge toward us. Many people infected with the coronavirus have to face many problems & symptoms arising from this virus: headache, loss of taste, sore throat, coughing in respiratory, weakness in your body parts, temperature (body heating,) & feeling fatigued. Now discussing “BRAIN FOG’’ one of the major problems of COVID patients. Many scientists try to conduct clinical trials to help adults overcome COVID-19 BRAIN FOG.

What is “BRAIN FOG’’? 

It is a type of cognitive dysfunction (involved conscious intellectual activity like thinking or remembering), included neurological problems like:

  1. Difficulty in concentration.
  2. Extreme mental fatigue.
  3. Memory problems.

Relation of BRAIN FOG with Covid-19

As we are talking about COVID-19, its main function to disturb people’s ability to work function in their daily routine. It is predicted that the working of brain fog & COVID-19 virus is the same to some level extent. Coronavirus infection & cognitive impairment disorder in patients have clear evidence of a relation between the two. It is seen that people who get recovered from this virus still have some brain-related problems including 

  1. Inability to focus & concentrate.
  2. Extreme & constant feeling of tiredness.
  3. Forgetfulness, high-stress level.
  4. Not getting enough exercise or sleep.
  5. Poor nutrition & dehydration.
Brain fog

Are Video Games The Secret to Solve Covid “BRAIN FOG’’

Many scientists are planning to conduct trials to find out whether video games are useful in decreasing the effect of brain fog. As we know in the past, In the case of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a therapy to cure people of this disorder video games technology is used. This treatment can help people to pay attention & control their impulsive behavior. Centers of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) also discovered that after recovering from the virus one-third of patients have mental health issues. This all result will lead to many neurological disorders like acute spinal cord injury, delirium, ataxia, memory loss, trouble finding words. 

  • After much research or publishing news we conclude that patients after discharge from the hospital said they have to face memory loss, lack of concentration & many more mild symptoms occur & for this problem they have no proper cure.
  • Health matter talks with two doctors of neurologic disorder – D.Mitchell Elking  & Dr. Alexander Merkler both discuss the brain problem of stroke. One of them is an assistant attending neurologist at New York Weill Cornell Medical Centre – to understand the problem & get an overview on concerned health of people that what can they do if they suffer from COVID BRAIN FOG or how they continue to impact their quality of life after overcoming from these symptoms.



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