Ubisoft announced their addition to the Battle Royale genre last week. And they’ve named it Hyper Scape. Well it sounds like a game containing characters of futuristic abilities.

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We’ve heard of Apex legends, the game focused on movements and fast paced action. And Hyper scape has like mach 20 times more faster gameplay than Apex. It is pleasing to a lot of gamers to be able to play swiftly. However, to some players coming from the genre of CSGO, it is like a blindfolded man running through the city and firing randomly.

Let’s see what Ubisoft has to offer.


The battle royale occurs in the cyber European styled city named Neo Arcadia. As the name suggests the futuristic action and the effects of the game makes it unique. The fully urban 1×1 km wide map is suitable for the rooftop parkouring physics like in Assassin’s creed. They announced in the reveal event that the engine of the game is the fusion of Rainbow six siege and Assassin’s creed.

The urban theme makes the game more intense. There will be close quarter combats throughout the match. The super jumps from the ground level makes it easier to jump to the rooftops and the map looks so vivid.

Neo Arcadia the city in Hyper Scape

When it comes to the building designs, most of them are identical. But there are some Landmarks where the structure is unique and there are higher chances of getting special items and abilities.

 You can get inside the building through the doors and windows having a barricade that can be broken by the melee weapon.

And the streets are equipped with high tech trampolines that can make you jump over big buildings.


There are ten unique characters in the game. However, they’re not having any unique ability or storyline like it is in Apex legends. Appearance is just like any other urban ninja or a mystical robe. We hope there will be more info about the character’s story or ability.


To simplify the messed up inventory and unwanted equipment, ubisoft has come up with a FUSION system. During the match you can equip two weapons. But this fusion system will help the player to simplify and upgrade the weapons that he has already equipped. If a player has a weapon and he finds the same and equips it, they will fuse and upgrade the weapon. The upgrade will buff up the damage and stability of the weapon. As a result, the players won’t be having any problem managing their loadout.

There are some abilities that also can be equipped during the match. The developers call it “HACK”. Hacks can be found throughout the map. A player can equip at most 2 hacks. There are nine types of special abilites to bend the rules in your favour.


Need to get somewhere fast? Teleport lets you aim at a distant location and zip there in a heartbeat.

  • SLAM

Leap high into the air and smash back down to the ground, dealing damage to any enemies around you and send them flying.

  • HEAL

Keep your friends close, and this area-of-effect Hack will keep them healthy and ready to fight.

  • WALL

Too far from cover? Deploy this and instantly put a big, resilient wall between you and your enemies.


Get the drop on opponents or keep them guessing in a fight by cloaking yourself for a limited time.

  • MINE

If hostile Contenders get too close to this proximity mine, it’ll home in and unleash a devastating explosion.


Become a fortress and mitigate damage when activated.


Information is everything. The Reveal Hack will ping the location of nearby enemies for you and your squad.

  • BALL

Turn yourself into a bouncing ball. Is there really anything more we need to say?

The hacks are the key features of the game. These are the one of the few things that I like in the game. The streamlined and hassle free gameplay will help to boost the action and will make it more fast paced.

There will be in game events like No gravity and infinite ammo mode, which will make the gameplay interesting.


There is a new and unique feature that will mark this game on charts. And that is the Echo ability after getting eliminated. This will turn the eliminated player in the squad to an invisible entity. You cannot go through the walls or break the barricades without the help of alive teammates. But you can detect the further enemies by freely roaming without being noticed by the enemy squad. This will be a important asset to the team as it is providing a tactical support.


No wonder that other game developers will copy this feature. But the super jumps and fast movements will annoy most players. Although the simplified inventory will help in simplifying the gameplay, yet the jumping and blindly running will nerf a few points from the rating.

The hacks and fusions makes this game a bit similar to Apex Legends. On the other hand the fully urban map with somewhat identical buildings is still missing the X factor.

Is HyperScape worth it

The game’s Beta version can be obtained through the technical test streams on twitch. In addition, the viewers can vote for the live in game events on Twitch’s comment section. And the votes can affect the on going match and the players. This is a unique approach by Ubisoft.

The technical test concept is taken from Valorant. And like Valorant, Hyper scape was on the top on the day of the reveal. But it has now fallen to the 17th rank. Like Warzone destroyed the charts and killed the previous Battle Royale genre games. Hyper scape is suffering to do so. It is still a Test run and there will be further additions to the game.To sum up this first impression, I think Hyper scape is missing the fact of being a fully unique Battle Royale Concept.



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