Voice Artist Sues TikTok for using her Voice without Consent

If you have ever used TikTok then you must have heard an automated female voice that narrates countless videos across the app. As it turns out, a voice artist claims that TikTok used her voice without her consent for its text-to-speech feature, and she had no idea that her voice was being used by TikTok. She never authorized TikTok or any other platform to use her voice in this way.

Canadian Voice Artist, Bev Standing said that she did some voice recordings for the “text-to-speech” feature many years ago for a group called the Institute of Acoustics (IOA). The recordings were supposed to be used for the translation of Chinese texts as a part of the contract with an unknown Chinese company. IOA was never supposed to transfer her voice recordings to others for further use, said the woman.

Voice Artist Sues TikTok for using her Voice without Consent

She came to know about her voice becoming viral when a friend sent her a video featuring the technology. Since then she was concerned that her link to the platform can harm her career. Now she is suing ByteDance, the app’s parent company in a New York court. Her voice is also used in the North American Versions of the app with different accents.

As per Telegraph reports, the actor said that she had been paid a very decent amount for the job but stressed that there had been no mention of the clips being licensed.

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