Windows 10 users will get a free Windows 11 upgrade starting from 2022

There has been hype around Microsoft’s new Windows release. Windows 11 is complicated in many ways, but the most complicated is its compatibility with existing Windows PCs. While compatibility keeps the people confusing, Microsoft talked about giving Windows 10 users until next year to make up their minds about Windows 11. 

Microsoft has recently announced the timeline for the free Windows 11 upgrades (via Notebookcheck) and promised it for existing Windows 10 users with compatible machines. At the launch, the company announced that new Windows will be launching later this year which was naturally preassumed that free upgrades would also be seen coming. But new OS will only start rolling out to existing Windows 10 users in 2022.

As per Microsoft’s official Twitter account, Windows 11 would be available for Windows 10 users from the first half of 2022 and will be delivered over several months. The new devices launching in Q4 of 2021 will feature the new OS (more specifically October 20, 2021 reports The Verge). There is no information regarding whether Microsoft will sell Windows 11 through retail channels. There is a strong possibility that if one wants a new OS on its existing Windows 10 machine in 2021, additional prices are needed to be paid.

Hopefully, this will give the company more time to settle on its hardware requirements and, test the release before pushing it out to users. Because a raise in hardware requirements will limit how many existing systems will be able to this new OS next year.



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