Youtube's Picture-in-Picture mode returns to iOS 14 for Everyone
But there's a catch..

After the feature disappeared last month, YouTube’s picture-in-picture (PiP) mode is once again available for iOS 14 users via their website.

Youtube's Picture-in-Picture mode returns to iOS 14 for Everyone

By opening the YouTube website on Safari and other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Touch etc., users can enter PiP mode. By clicking on the tiny PIP icon on the left when a YouTube video is in fullscreen mode. Even after minimising the browser app, you can continue watching the footage.

iOS 14 Picture-in-Picture Feature

This feature was introduced to iOS 14, but in the past month, it was not available. Only YouTube Premium subscribers on an iPhone or iPad were able to use the PiP mode. The feature for running YouTube videos in the background has not been officially reported. There is also concern about whether or not this method will be usable in the future.

Youtube's Picture-in-Picture mode returns to iOS 14 for Everyone

It will be fascinating to see if this feature is available on future iPhones, which are scheduled to be released later this month. Various leaks have existed around the latest iPhone 12 series. So far, they are anticipated to come in three sizes and four versions in all.

iPhone 12 mini?

One of the most talked-about models in the lineup is the iPhone 12 mini, a portable 5.4-inch unit. There were a few reports about the small handset, which is supposed to be identical in size to the iPhone SE. Its expense is likely to start at $699 (Rs 51,252). When unveiled in 2019, the iPhone 11 series had the same starting price. This indicates that the starting models of the apple’s next iPhone lineup may be more than Rs 60,000.

iphone 12

Also, because 5G is still not available, a 4G-only variant can also be expected in India. As per the planned price, compared to the more powerful A14 Bionic chip on the upcoming iPhone 12 series, the smartphone will go up against the recently released Pixel 5 that has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 G processor.


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