Chris Jericho reveals his honest opinion on Goldberg

Of course, In WWE Bill Goldberg and Chris Jericho weren’t the best of friends, especially during their days in WCW. For years, there been some animosity between them, due to various issues.

But Chris Jericho on Saturday Night Special, said that his current relationship with Bill Goldberg is much better now.

Chris Jericho and Bill had a backstage fight but then worked things out

He said on his Saturday Night Special that others had pitted them against each other. Although they had a real fight, they have worked things out since.

“Bill and I had a lot of animosity over the years just because, they kind of pitted us against each other in WCW and it is what it is. No problems, No issues now. Actually, Bill and I have a very good rapport. We get along great in WCW before we got pitted us against each other. Went to hockey games with each other. Nothing but love for Bill.”

The reason Goldberg was furious with Chris Jericho was the parody of his entrance in WCW. Of course, Jericho was getting himself over, along with Bill, but he didn’t see it that way.

And things are different now, and it seems like that hatchet has been buried for good.


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