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Artificial Intelligence has already made a place in our lives. The way it is growing exponentially the time is not far when the science-fiction that we have been watching in movies till now, should get normal in our lives. And recently BeingAI also made its move in this direction and created the first virtual being with the help of AI, named “Zbee”, according to an official website.

What can Zbee do for you?

An initial report from Venture Beat said that highly sophisticated AI being, “Zbee” is a gamified version of human interaction through digital interfaces. It comes up with an engaging human personality and interacts with humans socially through digital platforms and offers you whatever you like and gives you whatever you want.

Such as you can treat Zbee as your friend, as an entertainment source or as a mentor, etc. So, you are free to treat her in whatever way you like and it will provide you the best experience and you will never regret its use. Moreover, it comes up with personal stories and experiences that can help to guide you in a better way.

Zbee Virtual Being
Credit: BeingAI

Who introduced Zbee?

BeingAI, the company based in Hong Kong, was founded by founder Jeanne Lim (CEO), Lee Chapman (President), and Amit Pandey (Chief Technology Officer). They work together on this project of introducing Zbee. The company aims to inspire or encourage the young generation in the field of AI. They believe that the time has come when humans and AI have to work in a positive way for the welfare of society.

Also, it appears that Zbee has human-defined values that are oriented toward positive behavior. So, there are zero risks of conflict between virtual characters/beings and humans.

Lim wants to create personal space for people to interact with virtual beings. She hopes that Zbee can do it by bringing AI and transmedia storytelling together. Jeanne Lim said, “We want Zbee to have value and relevance in human society, so she has her own story with friends, jobs, goals, trials, and tribulations.”

Next week, BeingAI will showcase it at a licensing event in Las Vegas to initiate the discussion with other brands.

What inspires a company to create a virtual being?

Lim said that she gets a chance to work as a chief marketing officer with David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics and she monitors how Sophia evolved as an AI robot.

For those who are unaware, Sophia is a physical robot designed to mimic human presence within an artificial entity. Inspired by this project, Lim envisioned taking AI new height by creating virtual characters and that can interact with humans in real-time through multiple platforms

Jeanne Lim said,

“He ( David Hanson) was working on creating conscious robots, or conscious AI. It showed me that there’s a huge opportunity for a robot that is designed in the right way to be able to connect with people and gain trust from people.”

 Lim added, “I saw that, with a virtual character, you can really scale the character to millions of people, instead of having a robot talk to hundreds of people in person.”

BeingAI also tends to develop its AI and conventional software so that you can interact with its AI being “Zbee” in the real world by looking at her through AR glasses.

“We have characters and stories,” Lim said. “People are asking us if they can plug their characters into our platform. But we are still working on the platform.”

So, get ready to meet a new virtual being that can serve you in the way you want.



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