Accept mortality and enjoy the life as it is

Anti-aging! It appears like you can’t go a day without hearing this buzzword. According to Statista, the worldwide anti-aging market is expected to be worth approximately $58.5 billion in 2020.

The anti-aging market is, without a doubt, the one potential con that keeps on selling. And we’ve succumbed to its allure, reporting on a slew of fresh anti-aging breakthroughs.

Anti-aging attempts may now be painted as all frauds, according to a recent study by an international partnership of specialists from 14 different countries. The study investigates the “invariant rate of aging” hypothesis, which states that a species’ pace of aging from adulthood is relatively constant and unaffected by anti-aging activities.

A “collection of 39 human and nonhuman primate datasets across seven genera” has been used in the study, which was published in Nature Communications.

“Our findings confirm the invariant rate of aging concept,” the researchers said, “implying biological restrictions on how far the human pace of aging can be lowered.”

Anti-aging Concept is just a Hoax

Death is the ultimate truth

In essence, it proves that death is unavoidable. Life expectancy may have increased as a result of improved environmental variables, but at the end of the day, we’re all going to die.

“Our findings demonstrate that life expectancy was short in previous populations because many individuals died young,” José Manuel Aburto of the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science at Oxford told The Guardian.

“However, life expectancy grew as medical, social, and environmental advances persisted. People are living longer and longer nowadays. The path to old age death has remained unchanged.

This study implies that evolutionary biology takes precedence over all other considerations and that medical innovations have thus far been unable to overcome these biological constraints.”

Live life to the fullest

Live life to the fullest while you still have the chance. There’s a sense of relief in knowing it’ll all be over soon. It forces you to be your best self and take care of those around you in numerous ways. Isn’t it past time we quit being afraid of getting older?


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