Spider Rain in Australia ended up with a creepy but beautiful web blanket covering the whole landscape

Hey readers! When you think of heavy rainfall a huge spider conquering may definitely not be the first thing that comes to your mind but that is exactly what happened in Victoria, Australia. Thousands of spiders raining from the sky after floods resulted in some sort of Spider Rain in Australia, covering the whole countryside in a massive web blanket.

People had a horrible shock when these thousands of baby spiders raining down from the sky. And as it turns out spiders started forming these web blankets above the ground due to the heavy rainfall and to save their lives.

Spider Rain in Australia

Victoria town in Australia was invaded by the creepy crawlies as homes and gardens were reportedly covered with baby spiders of their silky threads. Of course, it’s a terrifying scene that would probably cause mass panic in most of the places, the phenomenon commonly known as spider rain or angel hair. This is a common phenomenon after heavy rainfall. These small creatures who live on the ground move to the higher ground to protect themselves from heavy water flow.

A large number of spiders start spinning webs all at the same time and form a large blanket of silk. And this phenomenon is called the gossamer effect. Spiders create these massive blankets with the help of a survival tactic called “ballooning.”

Here are some pics of Spider Rain in Australia shared by the locals:

  • Spider Rain in Australia
  • Spider Rain in Australia


Ballooning is a form of spider transportation basically when some of their species climb to the highest height they possibly can, like the top of the plants or trees.

Then they use their web silk as tiny parachutes and just leap off. The silk catches on the breeze and carries the spider whenever he wants to go. And then after we are left with gossamer. They have virtually no control of where or how far they travel but by ballooning they can often travel a pretty big distance.

A billowing wave of spider web

After the spider rain in Australia locals told BBC that, “It wasn’t scary – it was beautiful. Everything was just shrouded in this beautiful gossamer spider-web, all over the trees and fences.”

They said that webbing seems like one big sheet, in which baby spiders are crawling. Webs are not separate because spiders had great coordination to make this unbelievable landscape art. Spider webs covered trees and grass fields across the region. People said it was like a billowing wave of spider web all over the region of Victoria, Australia.

Here’s a video of Spider Rain in Australia shared by Reuters:

The reason behind Spider Rain in Australia

In an attempt to protect themselves spiders are thought to come raining down because of a change in weather conditions because it rains a lot and the ground gets waterlogged, spiders that either live on the surface of the ground or in burrows make their way upward to avoid drowning. They then use their silk route to escape from the ground.

According to National Geographic, the spider would rain down from the sky to the grasslands due to change in the weather and heavy rainfall occurred in the area. The spiders move on after a short period of time. Their occurrence on top of the trees and plants is not permanent, it all depends upon the climate condition of the area. The web is an active home of thousands of active spiders. Webs an attempt by spiders to protect them from the flooded ground.

This is happening around us all the time. We just don’t pay attention to it because it’s not common for millions of spiders to do it at the same time and land in the same place. Spider rain in Australia happened due to the heavy rainfall that forced the spider to go to higher ground over the grasslands to save their lives.



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