Vstreamer CodeMiko roasts Ninja’s entire career while playing FortniteVstreamer CodeMiko roasts Ninja’s entire career while playing Fortnite

On June 17, VTuber CodeMiko roasted Popular Fornite Streamer Ninja’s entire career by describing it as “super kid-friendly and awful,” leaving Ninja in dead silence and completely speechless. Lets’ take a deeper look at this perfectly timed moment.

Created by a game developer nicknamed Technician, CodeMiko is one of the most popular VTuber right now. Miko is best known for her streams in the “Just Chatting” category on Twitch, but she also streams games occasionally.

And recently while playing Fortnite live on Twitch with streamer Ninja, and fellow streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan. Miko was in her usual sassy mood, which later resulted in Miko reminding Ninja of his biggest career mistake.

While playing Fortnite together, at one point Ninja started explaining CodeMiko the backstory about his character skin from Teen Titan, one of his favorite shows. He even asked Miko if she knows who Raven is (without knowing that he is setting himself up for a massive burn) and at the same time he started to demonstrate Raven’s Power. After Ninja learned that Miko has no idea what teen Titian is, he said “It’s a cartoon, Yeah, yeah. Before they made it super kid-friendly and awful,”

And without even waiting for a bit CodeMiko responded “Oh! Like you,” referring to Ninja’s decision of becoming family-friendly. To which SypherPK broke into laughter and Ninja with dead silence went over to the cliff and looked down in sadness. Ninja even got up from his chair and went AFK. I mean if you tell someone what even he agrees that it was his “worst choice of career” then what more you can expect from him.

After that, both Miko and SypherPK rushed towards Ninja to check if they hadn’t hurt his feelings. But after watching him stuck and not even utter a single word, Miko apologize to him and said “Hey, Ninja, are you good?”

Fortunately, Ninja didn’t take it as an offense and later returned to play and pretending as nothing ever happened. CodeMiko later on Twitter thanked Ninja and SypherPK for the stream, saying it was “one of [her] most fun streams ever”. Well while streaming with Miko though, that’s just something you’ve got to expect.


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