Ariana Grande will do five shows for Fortnite's Rift Tour

As expected, Fortnite has officially announced that “record-breaking superstar” teased last week is none other than Ariana Grande, who will be performing five shows (to accommodate players in various time zones) from August 6-8 the game’s Rift Tour.

Players would be able to log on to see Ariana’s digital avatar performing across five performances. Epic said this schedule was created to allow fans around the world multiple chances to see the famous pop star perform. It also recommends players show up an hour before the event begins. The rift tour event playlists will go live 30 minutes before each performance.

Here are the timing of Ariana Grande’s five shows:

  • Show 1, the Americas: Friday, August 6 @ 6pm ET
  • Show 2, Global: August 7 @ 2pm ET
  • Show 3, Asia and Oceania: August 8 @ 12am ET
  • Show 4, EU + Middle East: August 8 @ 10am ET 
  • Show 5, the Americas: August 8 @ 6pm ET 

If you attend the concert, you’ll also get a special umbrella glider. Along with players who subscribe to the monthly crew subscription will get some exclusive bonuses for attending, including a rainbow variant of the concert umbrella.

With Fortnite’s past concerts including Marshmello’s in-game concert in February 2019 and Travis Scott’s Surreal performance in April 2020 being massively successful, we can expect Grande’s appearance to acheive the same.

Visit the Rift Tour site for more information about the concert.


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