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Imagine yourself walking around the street and you meet a stranger, who suddenly starts a battle against you. This sounds a Lil bit weird but this is the plot of the new upcoming anime series “Battle in 5 Seconds After meeting”.

This anime is based on the previous shonen manga, which goes with the same name “Battle in 5 Seconds After meeting” written by Saizo Harawata. The protagonist is a High school student named Kei Shirayanagi. After being met with a bizarre girl named Mion, he came to know about her psychic abilities. Being able to know all this he seeks guidance under Mion for the upcoming battles.

The official website of “Battle in 5 seconds” (Saizo Harawata and Miyakokasiwa’s Deatte 5-byo de Battle) manga has revealed a new promotional video and will premiere on July 12. The teaser contains all the main characters in the series, Kei, Yumi, Mion, MADOKA, Ringo, and Yan.

A 52-second teaser, in the Japanese language, was released, soon the English version or subtitles would come.

You will see Thrill and action a lot in the upcoming anime judging by the teaser, but we cannot say how the series will go until it is not released. Production of this anime is a collaborative effort of Synergy Sp, in collaboration with Vega Entertainment. The crew members and cast team are all ready to produce the anime.

The series will premiere on July 12 till then check out this key visual for the anime “Battle in 5 Seconds After meeting”.

Battle in 5 seconds after meeting anime New Key Visual



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