Bella Poarch's

On 14 May, both Bella Poarch and Olivia Rodrigo dropped their music video on Youtube. And as we all know that Youtube is a platform that has now become a big competitor for music videos. So, when the new music video of “Build a Bitch” staring Bella Poarch and streamer Valkyare dropped it becomes the most-watched music video on Youtube within 24hrs along with beating Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u” music video.

Both these videos have a competition going on from their release. And there is one clear winner that is Bella Poarch. This music video would be very special for Bella Poarch as this the first debut single titled and the lyrics are written by herself only. 

One of the music important Twitter account ChartData tweeted that Bella Poarch’s music video is the most-watched on global Youtube within 24 hrs with more than 10million views on Youtube.

Build a Bitch music video is trending No. 1 on the United States page of Youtube and in Phillips too as Bella Poarch and Valkyare are native. They both are shocked as their collaboration turns others down. At this point, Build a Bitch has more than 30 million views and Rodrigo’s song has more than 17 million views.

Bella Poarch team up with a couple of Youtubers Bretman Rock, Mia Khalifa, TikTok star Larry, and including 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyare helps this music video to be trending No.1. Alongside Olivia Rodrigo, released her video a few days before her musical guest spot on Saturday Night Live which could help in empowering her fan’s craze.

These numbers are not only on Youtube but also on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms of music. But the collaboration of multiple stars in Build a Bitch gives a strong start on Youtube. If you haven’t listened to the song yet then you can watch it down below and we hope you will love it!



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