Louis Vuitton owner Bernard Arnault becomes World’s Richest Person surpasses Jeff Bezos

Rankings of the richest person in the world is a list that changes continuously with time. And now according to Forbes, Bernard Arnault Chairman of Louis Vuitton has become the world’s richest person (for now) by overtaking Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who just been beaten by Richard Branson last month in the race to reach the space first.

Louis Vuitton or LV or LVMH is a French Fashion house and Luxury goods company whose owner is Bernard Arnault and holds a 44% stake in the company from the 1980s and now its worth is $196 billion. And if combines with the family holdings too Bernard Arnault owns 47% of Louis Vuitton’s net worth of $416 billion. The company also includes brands like Christian Dior, Bulgari, Tag Heuer, Sephora, Hennessy, etc, under its umberlla.

Bernard Arnault becomes the world’s richest person as Amazon announced its earning slump of roughly 7% leading to Jeff Bezos’s net worth drops to $14 billion in a day and brining is net worth to $186 billion.

Louis Vuitton owner Bernard Arnault becomes World’s Richest Person surpasses Jeff Bezos

Although this is not the first time Bernard Arnault tops the list of the world’s richest people he tops the list in December 2019, January 2020, May 2021, and July 2021. In recent months, he bought some shares of the largest luxury goods company of $538 million which is owned by him and his family.

The rise in the sales of goods of LVMH during the pandemic collected $17.4 billion in revenue which is more than 14% from pre-pandemic also helped Bernard Arnault becomes the world’s richest person.

Third place is held by Elon Musk whose net worth is $179 billion and in fourth place is Bill Gates with a $131 billion net worth. Jeff Bezos will sure regain his title of “world’s richest person” in near future, considering the fact that a company like Amazon isn’t going to get smaller anytime soon. 

Here’s The List of Top 5 World’s Wealthiest People (as per Forbes): 

  • Bernard Arnault: $195.4 billion
  • Jeff Bezos: $192.4 billion
  • Elon Musk: $179.4 billion
  • Bill Gates: $131.6 billion
  • Mark Zuckerberg: $128.2 billion

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