Bezos Adds a New Record Breaking Sum to His Net Worth

Jeff Bezos added a new record and loads of dollars to his net worth. On Monday, his net worth got a $13 billion push. This is the largest swell in the wallet anyone has got since December 2019.

Bezos Adds a New Record Breaking Sum to His Net Worth

AMAZON’S SHARE INCREASE Inc. Shares raised 7.9%. This is the most since December 2018 on the rising trend of Online shopping. And now they are up 73% this year.

Amazon Inc.'s stock graph


Bezos is Amazon’s founder and currently the world’s richest person. He is 56 year old and he witnessed his worth rise from $74 billion to the current highest $189.3 billion.

Despite the worst economic situation since the Great Depression in the US right now, he still gained a record breaking amount. Jeff Bezos is now personally more richer than some gigantic corporations like Nike Inc., McDonald’s corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp.  


Other than Jeff Bezos, his ex-wife Mackenzie Bezos also gained $4.6 Billion on Monday and is now on the 13th spot of the richest humans.

This surge that is driven partly by all of us because of all this Lockdown situation is helping tech titans like Jeff Bezos and other titans too. By staying at home we have helped to boost the market. Even the Governments and central Bankers have showed their efforts to boost the economy.

A collage of some tech giant companies.

However, Seven of the Ten richest people owe their worth to their respective sector. Like Elon musk. Musk has soared his fortune by $47 billion in 2020.

Although the brands are now boycotting and backing off the deals signed with Facebook. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg still gained $15 billion to his net worth this year.



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