Black Clover manga goes on week-long hiatus

Black Clover manga has gone on a week-long hiatus due to creator Yuki Tabata’s poor health. Many fans noticed that the next chapter for the manga was going to be released on September 6th, Monday in Japan along with other Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine titles but unfortunately, it was not present. 

Recent issues of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine confirm (via ANN) that the hiatus will be just a week-long, with chapter 305 will be coming on next Monday, September 13th in Japan. Even though the break was sudden but the good thing is that it won’t be a long break.

The story of Black Clover manga takes place in the world of Clover Kingdom, and our lead Asta dreams of becoming Wizard King, even though he doesn’t possess any magic. Yuno is Asta’s rival and has great magic skills. Asta trains every day to catch up to Yuno and fulfill his dreams. 

So far manga has published 304 chapters, where the latest chapter acts as the transitional period as Noelle and others have defeated Magicula, who is one of the Dark Triad’s devils, and now after celebrating their victory, they have to move to a final battle against Dark Triad. The hiatus takes the palace in the midst of an interesting arc as we will see Yuno facing against Zenon Zogratis.

Even though fans have to wait for some time before they can see the next issue of Black Clover manga, author Tabata’s health comes first. 


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