Every Car Built After 2027 Will Check Whether You’re Sober To Drive The Car

The future cars will make sure that you are sober to drive before you’re allowed to take the wheel. That’s according to a new bill – a massive 1,066 pages long bipartisan infrastructure bill proposed by a group of senators – which says that every car built after 2027 will have to include a specific drunk driving monitoring system to prevent accidents by impaired drives. Presently, the bill is under debate by Congress, reports Motherboard.

The proposal of the bill titled ‘Advance Impaired Driving Technologyc’ is though vague presently, but the main objective is clear, that is to limit the motor vehicle operation if it identifies any impairment in the driver.

It would be interesting to see how the automobile industry will prevent drunk driving and check whether the driver is sober to drive the car.

Technologies To Check Whether You’re Sober To Drive The Car?

Tech toCheck Driver’s Face or Eyelids

The monitoring system should be so that it detects the face and eyelids of the driver to ensure whether the individual is alert during driving. This technology is present in some models of Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.

Lane Detection

Technology to detect if the driver is driving in the correct lane and not stumbling outside can be helpful to monitor the alertness.

Breath Check

The breathalyzers are another method to detect if someone has consumed alcohol. The currently present breathalyzers have low but non-zero errors. But the breath analysis is neither what the bill wants nor an efficient method.

Governments are collaborating with Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety Program (DADSS) who has the technology under development required for future adoption.

DADSS is working with two technologies to detect drunk drivers. The air detection and the alcohol level in blood.

Sober To Drive

Air Detection inside Car

Monitors shall be established inside the car so that it detects the whiffs of alcohol.

Measuring Alcohol in Blood

The detection of the alcohol levels in the blood will be verified by the sense of touch. When the driver touches the start button of the car’s engine, the system will check the alcohol limit. This technology will check whether the alcohol limit is within the legal limit or not.

The long-term solutions are yet under development currently, one is under process by Volvo.

Negotiations regarding the bill

Advocates are negotiating, and no intact conclusions have been driven. The provision can be either removed or altered by the lawmakers. Even if the bill passes also then the Transportation Departments have a free hand to delay it after the scheduled time.

Impaired Driving Detection would limit the functionality of vehicles, well needed as every year 10,000 people lose their families due to it. The opposition would do its part but let’s wait for the potential changes till 2021 and be sure to not drink and drive.


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