Instagram to introduce subscription feature

Instagram scammers are making a lot of money just by banning Instagram users by taking the advantage of platforms’ automated policies against self-harm and impersonation, reports Motherboard (via The Verge). For approximately $5 to $60 (depending upon the target user’s followers) scammers will ban anyone’s Instagram account that you want and are making even more money (which could be in thousands) by helping the targeted users get back on Instagram.

The process used by scammers in banning any account involves using a verified Instagram account to mirror the target user account using either their name, bio, or photo afterward reporting the target as an impersonator to get them banned. This method works until the target has a human picture in their display picture.

“I use an impersonation method where I get my verified IG accounts and change my profile to look exactly like the target’s bio, name, profile photo etc. I report them for impersonation once and boom, they are gone,” one scammer told Motherboard.

The business of banning and regaining people is a money-making business, it’s more like a “full-time job” where you can make a lot of money by just tapping on your phone. Even $3,500 to $4,000 could be easily charged during this process and it probably won’t hurt either. Some users noted that they get offers of account help immediately after their accounts were banned and these accounts were the same as those reported.

Instagram didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment but told Motherboard that they are in search of these banning sites and also, the company wants users to report against the people who are found to be guilty of such kinds of activities.

On finding your Instagram account banned or disabled for no reason you can visit the help center of Instagram, where the company has given appropriate suggestions for regaining your account.



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