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“Darius” the world’s biggest rabbit, with 4-feet 3inches (129cm-long) size at all stretch, has been stolen from its home in Worcestershire, Central England last weekend, police have said.

“It is believed the Continental Giant rabbit was stolen from its enclosure in the garden of the property of its owners overnight on Saturday (10 April – 11 April),” said the local West Mercia Police. “The rabbit is quite unique in the fact it is 4ft 3inch (129cm) in size and has been awarded a Guinness Record for being the biggest rabbit in the world.”

However, West Mercia police hasn’t shared any information on why they are treating it as theft instead of an escape.

"Darius" the world's biggest rabbit, with 4-feet 3inches (129cm-long) size at all stretch

Gray-brown in color, Darius is a Flemish Giant rabbit (the largest breed of rabbit on Earth). And according to the Maryland Zoo, “an average Flemish Giant can weigh about 15 pounds (7 kg) and measure 2.5 feet (0.76 m) long.”

Darius was awarded his impressive title by Guinness World Record in April 2010 for being the biggest of its kind – even among his species – with whopping 4 feet 3 inches in size.

Annette Edwards, the owner of Darius and model, has requested culprits or culprits to return his prize-winning bunny to his home, saying it was a “very sad day.” Edwards is offering a reward of £2,000 (roughly $2,800) for Darius’ safe return.


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