DeepFaceLive Can Change Someone Face In Real-Time

So far we have seen Deepfake tools being used to make advertisement clones, fooling political rivals, or to put a person with his favored star in a short video. But now taking this to another level a new deepfake tool knows as DeepFaceLive has appeared online, which can change the face in real-time.

DeepFaceLive is an open-source AI software that can transform someone’s face during video conferencing and streaming platforms such as Skype and Zoom. Its developer known online as Iperov released the tool last month on Github, reports The DailyDot. Besides being risky many people have started using it!

Iperov, best knows for creating DeepFaceLab (a widely used open-source tool for creating deepfakes) shared interface images of his latest tool on a deepfake forum in late April. Available for Windows 10, DeepFaceLive can be used with video-based streaming, messaging services, and can even be applied to pre-recorded videos.

DeepFaceLive tool was initially used by a small group of dedicated creators. One of them, who is a TikToker in Russia, showcased the tool as he transformed himself into Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can see the video below shared by Futurism writer Tony Tran (as TikTok is not available in all countries);

A Russian YouTuber Vladislav Pedro, who shares deepfake tutorials and other videos, told The Daily Dot that some creators have been started using DeepFaceLive on platforms like Twitch. With this, he added that DeepFaceLive has a lot of potentials that can be used by both streamers and creators of any media content. But this tool can be used by criminals as well. 

There are several cases related to DeepFaceLive frauds that occurred in Russian social media site VK, noticed by the deepfake analyst Marting Anderson. It was also being used in creating non-consensual deepfake porn by placing celebrity faces over adult film stars. Hollywood actress Margot Robbie’s facial dataset was the first to be offered for DeepFaceLive.

Currently, there are 96% of all deepfake videos online are made by placing celebrity faces over adult film stars.

Despite the fact, DeepFaceLive is developed for fun but it can be dangerous if someone misuses it. Henry Ajder, a synthetic media expert with and the head of communications and research analysis at AI technology company Deeptrace says (to Daily Dot) that,

“Many will see DeepFaceLive as a fun tool for Twitch live streaming or absurd TikTok videos, but my research on deepfakes has consistently shown there are many others who will be looking to misuse it.” He added, “This could range from adult streamers ‘wearing’ celebrities’ faces without consent, to biometric spoofing such as fooling facial recognition and liveness detection systems.”

Although there are creativities in technology it comes with a risk for which we do not pay attention to how it will affect society.

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