The point to be understood is how can we separate the doers from the dreamers, so as to understand what is the one thing doers do differently.

Lucky for us, one of the world’s greatest entrepreneur, Steve Jobs made it easy for us to understand. He gave us that one thing which is different between the two types of people.


Telling a story about how, when he was 12, he wanted to make a frequency counter and didn’t have the right parts. He picked up the phone and called at the office of Hewlett-Packard, where the co-founder, Bill, picked up the phone. When he asked Bill for his help, Bill not only did give Steve spare parts for his project but also an internship at Hewlett-Packard making frequency counters.

Steve said, “Most people never pick up the phone. Most people never call and ask. And that’s what separates sometimes the people who do things from those who just dream about them. You’ve got to act. You’ve got to be willing to fail. You’ve got to be willing to crash a burn. With people on the phone or starting a company, if you’re afraid you’ll fail, you won’t get very far.”

According to Apple’s founder and one of the greatest entrepreneurs this world has been fortunate enough to see, Doers ask for what they want!

The world is still filled with a lot of people who are willing to help, they just don’t know yet that you need them. Kindness in the world is not dead yet, and some people who are waiting to help you are just out there. All you need to do is pick up the phone, and dial a number, let them know you exist and that they can be of help.


If you won’t ask for what you need, there is no chance of you getting it. So, ask and fail rather than not ask at all!

Yes, sometimes you will be turned down, and you will feel like giving up. Well try again, and again.

Another one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Elon Musk, directly called the people he wanted to meet and asked them for what he wanted.

Doers get up and get what they want. If you have an idea, call people, ask for help, ask for what to do, what you need and people will help!



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