Stephanie McMahon appeared via a video link on Friday’s episode of SmackDown to make a major announcement regarding The SummerSlam. ‘The billion-dollar princess’ confirmed that both Sasha Banks and Bayley who has captured every women’s title in the WWE barring the NXT Women’s Championship will be going to defend their gold at the biggest party of the summer.


How it All get Started

It all started when the camera went backstage and a backstage official shocked the duo by saying that Stephanie McMahon wants a video chat with them.

Then Stephanie McMahon appeared on Friday’s episode of SmackDown and congratulated Bayley and Banks for capturing every women’s title in the WWE. The duo responded by thanking McMahon for the praise and spoke about how they loved her and Triple H and how they used to watch every show on WWE Network. After that, they said that they were proud to be role models for all women around the world, including Stephanie McMahon’s daughter.

However, Stephanie wasn’t too happy with Bayley and Sasha Banks’ methods and highlighted the duo’s underhanded tactics.

Stephanie McMahon confirms both titles will be defended at SummerSlam and  announces a Triple Brand Battle Royal

After praising the duo, Stephanie announced a Triple Brand Battle Royal for next week’s SmackDown. Which would see the female Superstars from RAW, SmackDown, and NXT.

And said The winner of the Triple Brand Battle Royal will face Bayley for SmackDown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam. Stephanie McMahon ended her video by saying that the Triple Brand match was the best for a business decision ever made.

Stephanie also confirmed that Banks will certainly defend her title at SummerSlam. As for Bayley who has completed 300 days as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Now can finds herself in big trouble, as Stephanie McMahon rightly said, Bayley has made enemies on every show she has gone to. However, for now, Asuka is the favorite to go over Bayley this Monday night and if she loses, The Empress of Tomorrow (Shayna Baszler) will face Banks in a RAW Women’s title championship opportunity.

Many deserving Superstars could potentially win the Battle Royal and get a title push at SummerSlam. And if Bayley retains the title at SummerSlam, the match could give us a worthy NXT talent with some much-needed exposure.


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