Why Apple's Ecosystem Has More Loyal Users?

Apple is a brand of choice for most consumers in the western world. But here in India, Android(for mobile) and Windows(for PC platform) is the first preference for any middle-class consumer. There is a rise in iOS users with time. However, Android still rules the Indian market with a 95% Mobile Operating System hold in the market.

Apple Ecosystem

The iOS users even here in India are die-hard committed to the brand. If you ask any one of them to shift their daily driver platform to an Android device, they will probably deny it immediately. And the reason you will probably be hearing is the Ecosystem. So what is this Ecosystem?

Do You Really Know What This Ecosystem is?

Well if you’re only using an iPhone alone, you still don’t know what this Ecosystem is. So your reason for denying Android for Apple’s Ecosystem is unjustified and just a word you’ve learned from others to brag later with your friends who are using an Android device. I know there are a lot of factors like iMessage, iCloud, iTunes, and some other words starting with the letter i. But only these things do not justify the true nature of Apple’s Ecosystem.


Getting into Apple’s Ecosystem means using every single device and service they provide. Your iPhone is worth the purchase if you also have, for example, a MacBook, an iPad, and an iWatch. That is where you can see the full potential of that Ecosystem. Without other apple products, your prestigious iPhone is just another smartphone that takes good photos and is a bit different to use.

Apple products work exceptionally well with each other. They work as a team in which the other products get in charge immediately when there is a shift from the current device. For example, the Airpods will connect a lot faster with an iPhone and a MacBook instead of an Android or Windows device.

Apple’s Subscription-Based Services

The other main thing this Ecosystem works on, are the subscription-type services Apple offers to its users. Like iTunes, Apple news, Apple arcade, the Apple care and more. These services not only provide perks and exclusive environment to the user but also makes them more committed towards this whole Ecosystem. The subscription type services are also entering to every single market and services companies has to offer. Like Youtube which is providing a monthly based subscription to avail more benefits.

Apple's Subscription-Based Services

Even Adobe has shifted from giving away the entire software for a price to making it available for a monthly or a yearly subscription plan.

Apple is continuously optimizing the services for better user experience every year and that is why it is also the most fluent and optimized platform.

Mac Users

There are a lot of iPhone users with a Windows Laptop or PC. Trust me you haven’t done anything wrong! Even I suggest buying the correct Windows OS laptop for the type of work you do is far better than buying a MacBook or Mac desktop with no practical need and just using most of the time to post photos with your MacBook on your Instagram.


MacBook is an excellent laptop with the correct amount of every single thing needed for the heavy grinders, video editors, graphic designers, programmers and developers. It is also a great choice if you’re a student with a financially strong family, but just for learning, not to flex on your schoolmates with the things your parents can afford for you. I prefer Windows the most because there is a big room for customizing it according to my preferences.

Mac desktop and Macbook can be a big factor if you want to get completely into the Apple Ecosystem. Even in WWDC 2020, Apple announced a lot of new features for Mac Desktop and MacBook which just levels up this whole Ecosystem to a great extent. For example, most or I can say, all of the applications in the App Store can be used in the Mac in this upcoming update. And the UI is getting as same as that of an iPhone’s UI. So these are some of the examples that make this Ecosystem more legit for an excuse.

Apple’s Way of Announcing New iPhones And MacBooks

Well with this huge Android hold in the market, it clearly states that the number of Android lovers present. And Every Android User holds a grudge against the iPhone users and never stops to make fun of them.
There are a lot of Tech YouTubers that continuously hate the iPhone for no reason.

steve jobs announcing iphone

But When Apple announces its new iPhone or any device. The Tech world just stops, and they only listen to what the guys from Apple have to say.

Even Apple’s way of announcing their new services is so simple and minimal yet so convincing. And Everyone changes the question from “Which smartphone do I buy?” to “Which iPhone should I go for?”. And that is the trump card Apple plays every year to influence an Android user to Go for an iPhone.

Apple usually doesn’t brag about the technology used inside the product. They focus their tagline on the main purpose the consumer is going to use that product for. For example, When Steve Jobs introduced the iPod that was not a groundbreaking invention or tech. But instead of judging the boring boxy design of the first iPod, people admired what the Tagline stated: “1000 songs right inside your pocket”. And Apple still uses this method and that is why they get the most percentage in the annual sales.

Why it takes more time to get a new feature in iOS than Android?

Apple is famous for a secure and privacy-oriented OS. They are continuously working to assure incomparable security for its users.

But security is not the only thing a consumer wants. There are a lot of features in Android that are still to be announced in iOS. Like the Picture in Picture mode that Apple announced at this year’s WWDC. It was available in Android for years. And there are still a lot of features iOS users are waiting for.

iOS 14

The thing is, instead of announcing new features frequently like the Android, Apple prefers to optimize the features it already contains. They optimize it to a level compared to none. This is also a factor where users cannot escape the Ecosystem. Apple continuously worked from the beginning to optimize the UI to it’s fullest. The reason why the iPhone 6 still doesn’t stutter while running on the latest OS version is the software-hardware optimization apple preferred to work on instead of rolling out new features.

These are the reasons why Apple’s outdated tech still outperforms the rapidly upgrading Android tech in the market now. Android still has a major lead in the variety and customizability of the devices. But you still cannot pull an Apple user out of its Ecosystem.



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