dune: part two

Recently Dune has released on theaters and HBO Max some viewers might have watched the Dune movie and some might watch it in the upcoming days. So we are bringing an exciting revelation to Dune fans from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures about Dune: Part Two will arrive on October 20th, 2023, and part two will going to adapt the rest of Frank Herbert’s classic novel. 

The Dune part one follows the Paul Atreides(Timothee Chalamet’s) story and collected $41million at the domestic box office during their opening weekend which was a good opening for a Warner Bros. movie as they released Dune on theaters and HBO Max simultaneously.

Dune part one has been premiered a week ago only and their director/writer has been working on Dune: Part Two script from two months ago which shows their love and passion for the story. 

After Dune hit, Legendary Pictures announced the Dune: Part Two arriving on October 20, 2023, through their tweet. Although shooting for the second part is not started yet but it’s a premiering on theaters on which date we have already come to know. And this time Dune: Part Two will shift the focus to Zendaya’s Chani which means they are adapting Frank Herbert’s classic novel. Until now shooting has not commenced and there is also news for adding new faces in the second part.

And Dune: Part Two will not going to release on both HBO Max and theaters. As Warner Bros. has already announced that their future films will be premiering on theaters only so Dune part two will going to be one of them.

There is not only a sequel of Dune but its prequel Dune: Sisterhood which focuses on women and their mysterious power which is likely to be planned by the studio. It’s a long period to wait for Dune: Part Two to release until then watch other amazing movies like this!

I hope you like this information and stay tuned with us to get more information like this!


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