Square Enix developing Final Fantasy 9 animated series with Cyber Studios

According to Kidscreen reports (thanks IGN), an animated series for Final Fantasy 9 is under development. This project is being developed by French Cyber Group Studios in collaboration with Square Enix and the social media manager of the company has also confirmed this news in a tweet.

CEO of Cyber Group, Pierre Sissmann reports that it will be under production by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. It is good to see that this project is in the hands of a studio that focuses on shows for kids, and the animation will be aimed towards children between the ages of 8-13. According to reports, the Studio is currently busy putting final touches on the series and getting ready to pitch to broadcasters.

Final Fantasy 9 was first released way back in 2000 for the original PlayStation. Since then it is admired for its sense of humor and storytelling with Vivi- Black Mage amid existential crises- a particular favorite. In short, FF9 has become a popular series in the world of games.

Zidane Tribal, a thief, is the main center of the game. He is hired to kidnap a princess but lastly, he tied up with her and helps to save her kingdom from evil forces. Since its launch, about 154 million copies have been sold around the world. It has 9.2 original reviews.

According to Kidscreen, Final Fantasy’s popularity inspired Cyber Group Studios for the creation of animated series. This Final Fantasy 9 animated series will be focused on both fans and newcomers, said Sissmann.

Sunil Godhania, Square Enix’s social media manager also confirms the news in a tweet. So, we can say that it’s real news.

And with the overall reports that we have, we can say that length and episode count has not been yet decided. Cyber Group Studios is preparing to pitch the broadcasters for the show.

This report comes after Square Enix revealed its new plans at E3 2021 including a pixel remaster series of all six original Final Fantasy games along with a game spin-off series, Stranger of Paradise.


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