Samurai Champloo

Talking about Samurai Champloo, you are bound to get a super-cool atmosphere, compelling characters and an entertaining story. This anime has the potential to stand the test of times. Let us check out some facts about the sickest and one of the most memorable anime of all time:

Samurai Champloo
  1. Samurai Champloo is a divine descendent to Cowboy Bebop as the production team was piloted by Shinichiro Watanabe, the mastermind behind Cowboy Bebop. Watanabe cooked up the character of Mugen, one of the main protagonists, while working on Cowboy Bebop. Then he started creating other elements (an environment) around the character and rest is the history.  
  2. Unlike most of the anime series, it is not originated from a manga rather another way around, it paved the way for the 2-volume manga to be originated. The manga originated was partially based on the anime. The anime itself is not considered in the Shonen genre, but the manga is pure shonen. 
  3. The mangas originated forms Samurai Champloo anime are super expensive. 
  4. The production studio, Manglobe, produced this anime. The same production studio has produced critically acclaimed Gangsta.
  5. The anime set up in Edo era, showcasing the samurai community mostly focuses on tradition. Unlike those anime, Samurai Champloo explores the unforeseen facts about Edo era. It tries to peek into some controversial, however, relevant issues such as human trafficking, prostitution and homosexuality etc.                   
  6. Watanabe has shown baseball in the Edo setting, he has shown the influence of mob, mafia, Yakuza during those days in his anime.  
  7. A further distinctive component of this anime was the introduction of hip-hop and funk into its theme. For those who are familiar with the theme of Bebop, will find the tone familiar. Nujabes had shaped the sound for Samurai Champloo. The title samurai Champloo means ‘Samurai-mixed up’ cause the anime is a blend of a variety of flavours mostly from hip-hop, samurai films various counter-culture movements etc
  8. Even though the title has the word Samurai in it but none of the main characters is samurai. Samurai were a noble class in Japan, only those from particular families were made to train to become samurai. One would definitely believe that Jin is a samurai, that is true to a great extent but ever since he became ronin he has fallen in status and can’t be considered samurai any longer. Mugen has his ancestors from China moreover he is a vagabond, so he can’t be samurai as well. As for Fuu, less is known about her.



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