Google Meet's free ‘unlimited’ calls extending until June this time - Craffic

Google Meet users, we have great news for you. Google has just announced that it will not introduce a 60-minute call limit (previously slated to introduce on March 31) on its popular video-calling platform Google Meet until June 30. In simple words, the platform is available for free until this summer, and people can have unlimited calls (up to 24-hours) with their family, friends, and even with people from work with convenience.

The news was announced on the Google Workplaces’ Twitter handle, saying that “unlimited Google Meet calls (up to 24 hours) in the free version though June 2021 for Gmail accounts.”

Google has pushed back the introduction of call limits twice after launching the service for free for Gmail accounts holders last April. A 60-minute call limit was originally slated for March 31(today) after being delayed at the end of September last year. Google hasn’t given any explanation on why it’s extending the deadline this time. But a more likely reason could be the continued pandemic restrictions around the world and people still having their work from home through video conferencing.


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