GTA 6 May Release In 2025 With A Map That Will Evolve And Expand Over Time

If the latest reports from industry insider Tom Henderson is to believe, whoever hoping for GTA 6 to be released in the next couple of years may have to temper their assumptions, as Rockstars may not release GTA 6 until 2025 due to some health going on with its employees.

Some fanatics were disappointed with a thing that GTA 6 was not at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), as Rockstar never attends the industry’s expo. Almost after a decade since the last entry in the acclaimed crime franchise, devotees wish to play the sixth mainline game, but Rockstar is still holding up GTA V with new things and a remaster.

Talking about the report, Tom Henderson, known for his accurate gaming scoops, released a YouTube video a few hours ago addressing some small, but still noteworthy insight to fans about Grand Theft Auto 6. Along with all this, he also said that “GTA 6 launch could end up taking place in 2025,” Henderson previously stated release year as 2023/2024 but now he believes that it may not release until 2025.

He thinks that Rockstar has its focus more on the health of its employees during this pandemic. Henderson also stated after the announcement, Rockstar will not delay the plan and not disclose it until it’s full confidence in the release date. 

Also, the current-gen comforts are in very short supply, which may end until mid-2022. And Obviously, Rockstar will launch the game with the biggest audience possible to maximize its profits, and break the records of GTA V sets on its initial release.

Tom Henderson also said that there is a possibility that the next Grand Theft Auto comes with “a female character with all kinds of skills, including hacking.” That is because GTA 6 would take place in a modern setting, not during the ‘80s as it was previously rumored.

It is believed that GTA 6 will return to Vice City (with a modern touch), but players are keenly waiting to actually see that. On a related note, Henderson said that “Rockstar is building the GTA 6 in a way that it can expand the map (continuously evolve) by DLC and updates.”

But most frustrating thing is that, if GTA 6 will launch in 2025, it will be after 12 years the release of the last entry. Fans will be waiting for a long to listen to more from rockstar. In the meantime, the company will release some of the remasters of other titles to maintain patience in the heart of fans.



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