Rumors of GTA Trilogy Remaster Again Catches Some Heat after Take-Two Earnings Call

Earlier, there was a rumor that Rockstar Games will be going to release GTA Trilogy Remaster (GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas). But further, there is no news about it, and fans believed it was fake news. When the rumor is just to settle down Rockstar Games gives a hint to fans of GTA 3 surprise is on its way this year near the Grand Theft Auto 3’s 20th anniversary. Let’s know more about it!

GTA Trilogy Remaster or GTA 3 Remaster?

Recently, Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive announced that they have a lot of old game remakes to releases on their hand and this would be best for Grand Theft Auto 3 20th Anniversary.

Take-Two Interactive announced that they will be going to release 21 games before 31 March 2022 out of which 6 games are the remake or remaster of old games. They also say that they are going to release 62 games in the next 3 years. Although they do not have gives details of the remakes of games but it is assumed that they will be graphics and technical improvement as compared to current games.

When the trailer of the games will be released then the improvement of GTA 3 will be understood. The possibility of releasing the trailer of GTA Trilogy Remaster/GTA 3 Remaster by Rockstar Games will be this summer.

Take-Two Interactive opened about releasing of 6 remasters of previous games but they do not tell when this will be going to release but this release adds some fuel to the news. It is also not confirmed that what GTA Trilogy Remaster means here, is it referring only to GTA 3 or to three different games. But there is indeed a release of new games by Rockstar Games.

With all of these releases, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive are coming with a bang this year. Fans are eagerly waiting for GTA 3 Remaster. And hoping these games would be as good as their initial games. Until then wait for the releases.


  1. […] GTA trilogy to be remastered (not a remake) include classic PS2 titles: Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, and will come later this year (late October or early November). Though not much information is out on how or what the ‘remastered’ games will be like, official details will come soon as the games are at their final stage of completion. […]


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