GTA vice cit remasterred mod system requirements

GTA Vice City Remastered MOD is considered as the best mod for GTA 5 up to date. The nostalgia from the classic GTA Vice City just makes the whole day. Creating the whole Vice city in the Los Santos must be a big challenge for the modders but it turned out to be a pretty sick Mod. The mod works as a DLC. 

Malibu club in GTA vice city remasted

Although it is out of the rockstar game’s policies to mod or make changes in the structure of the game or perform any modding. Bit it doesn’t matter to most of my readers!

Lets see what comes in the mod


The mod is available at So you can go check that site out, they’ve plenty of other cool mods.

  • They have included Full port of Vice city 1.8 version for GTA 5.
  • Added MLO Interiors.
  • Bumped Mapped roads and vice city style buildings
  • 3D neon models created
  • Materials are not broken as there were broken alphas in vice city.
  • Working traffic lights but it is already in GTA V.
  • Car generators.
  • SLOD’s with proper water reflection.
  • Some custom added Scenarios.
  • Population groups and zones customized like Vice City.
  • Instanced grass.
  • Spec mapped windows for custom support.
  • There is Navmesh support in addition to full paths.
  • Most models and textures are specially created for this mod.


To run the mod you’ll need heapadjsuter by FiveM, or the dilapidated version will work too!

Still from GTA Vice City remastered mod

The Packetfile Limit Adjuster(set to 3500) by Unknown Modder. You’ll need ScripthookV. And a trainer that is capable to spawn DLC cars, you can use the trainer by sjaak too. But the modded cars will already spawn sometimes in the traffic.


The whole mod is just like the vice city map. With a big jump from the busted lighting conditions to the GTAV ‘s visuals. and lighting. In addition, they’ve enhanced the typical GTAV lightings and reflections. Which makes it a lot satisfying experience.

To sum it up, you can enjoy the pop 80’s culture as it was exhibited in the actual Vice City game. There are plenty of custom mods like the all interiors opened mod, the zombie mod, avengers mod and some anime themed mods too.

The R*ENHANCER PHOTOREALISM mod makes the whole game’s visuals a thousand times better. The revamped lighting just makes every thing realistic. Moreover, you can just add real life vehicle’s skins and label them with their original name too.

Above all, The Vice city mod just rules the Whole world of GTAV modding community.



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