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Hey readers, I know everyone is getting bored in this pandemic situation when no shows or movies are being released but don’t get sad, remember that line of JK Rowling that ‘IT IS OUR CHOICE HARRY THAT SHOW WHAT WE TRULY ARE, FAR MORE THAN OUR ABILITIES.’ There seems to be hope, for now, let’s see what it is.

According to the reports, hopes are up that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will reopen by 2022 (via ComicBook). Although we know that right now all the new releases are on hold due to pandemics the people are expecting for the next year to be the time of releases of shows. We must tell you that the New York Times has been telling all the details about the whole effect to get play, back up and running.

Announcement During The Release of The Show

When the show Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released, in their press conference they said that the show in order to be a massive hit worldwide was hosted as the largest ever Times Square Takeover with the award-winning actress and Harry Potter fan SARAH JESSICA. Even, in the celebration of the global expansion, it was shocking to see for the fans that almost all the screens of Times Square were taken over by HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD CAMPAIGN.

Are The Hopes Fulfilled?

Although for now in the UK the show won’t be available until October but in Australia, the Princess Theatre is reopened.
Talking about the response from fans in America it has been a massive smash hit and grabbed a lot of awards and even the ticket sale is on hype .i.e. 3 years in and over 2 million tickets already sold. Also, it was run on the screens before pandemic in London, New York, Toronto.

Fan’s Reaction

JK Rowling has really succeeded in making a generation of lifelong readers with the Harry Potter series but it is also not really surprising that this series is also getting the same response. The producer says that half the fan following is of those who are first-time theatre-goers of all ages. The audience is going crazy and is being transported ‘Back to Hogwarts’ to revisit their favorite characters.

So readers, do tell us in the comment section below what you are gonna do.


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