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Harry Potter Headcanons was loved by the fans.

The list of the Harry Potter Headcanons

8. Crookshanks was Harry Potter’s cat.

harry potter headcanons

In the book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Harry found a letter which was written to Sirius by Lilly mentioning a cat but no one knew what happened to that cat. So maybe it is a possibility that Hermione’s cat was the potter’s cat.

And maybe the cat recognized Sirius in the third book, the prisoner of Azkaban. Also, that’s why Crookshanks was always after Sirius.

7. Trelawney was right

Hermione and Trelawney Harry Potter

Even though everyone treated her like a freak, many prophecies made by professor Trelawney were right.  Harry being the chosen one was the biggest one,  but even there were smaller predictions in the books that turned out to be true. For instance, she predicted that Hermione would drop her class which happened and she somewhat predicted Dumbledore’s death during the Christmas dinner in The Prisoner of Azkaban.

 One of the most depressing thoughts is that Trelawney’s predictions on the death of students could have been true. Because many students died in the Battle of Hogwarts and the Second Wizarding War in general.  It’s not a happy Theory or anything but at least the professor deserves some respect.

6. Draco was attracted to Hermione

Did Draco Like Hermione in Harry Potter 01

The romantic pairing of Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy is quite popular amongst fans. JK Rowling cleared a thousand times that Draco didn’t have a golden heart underneath fans choosing not to listen. Hermione and Draco are still kept under the category of romance. Both of them are considered too intelligent to fall in love with any other pers of their age. Other throes suggest different situations as Draco had redemption or Hermione went dark herself. But in the end, many theories support this pair.

5. Remus and Sirius were in love with each other

Sirius and Remus were best friends and belonged together. Two of them were acting as Harry’s parental figures. In the movie, they never really got together and always remained friends through the series and remained only friends from their reunion till their deaths. But Sirius never had a love interest but Remus was his closest friend and fans quickly brought them together.

4. Lily potter thanks Molly Weasley

Series witnessed a lot of serious deaths and many were close to Harry such as Fred Weasley. One theory to comfort us is molly Weasley’s character. When she died and went to the afterlife she met Lilly potter and Lily thanked Molly for looking after Harry on her behalf and also tells her that she has been looking after Fred in the afterlife. 

3. Professor McGonagall’s retirement

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After the battle of Hogwarts professor, McGonagall became the headmistress of Hogwarts. She rebuilt the school again for the new wizards and witches and made it their home again. After teaching the marauders, Weasley siblings, and the golden trio she witnessed everything. But when Ginny and Harry had their firstborn James Sirius Potter she marked the date when he would be of 11 years of age and that was the day she got retired from Hogwarts.

2. Hagrid received Aragog from newt Scamander


We gathered this much from the books that Aragog came to Britain in the pocket of a traveler who then gave the spider to Hagrid. There is no discussion of the traveler that visited but we would like to think that the traveler was a newt Scamander. Newt was a traveler who had a huge appreciation for beasts of all kinds. And he surely can recognize a kind-hearted animal lover as himself. It would be an amazing link to the fantastic beasts.

 1. Ginny and Astoria mocked Harry and Draco

Even After years of competition and hatred, there are many theories for adults Harry and Draco. One theory suggests that after marriage Harry and Draco used to run into each other from time to time. And then their wives Ginny and Astoria used to mimic. They would acknowledge each other as their last names and would make over-the-top large gestures and humiliate Harry and Draco.


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