During U.A Sports Festival, Hitoshi Shinso almost knocked down Midoriya if not for One for all. In the initial match of the final event, Shinso used his quirk and brainwashed Midoriya right before the match started. He ordered Midoriya to walk out of the court. When Midoriya almost reached the boundary, a sudden flash unclouded his mind. Midoriya not only came to his senses but in a flash won the match. This is unusual, not everyone can pull-off what Midoriya did, cause this quirk is regarded as one of the best quirks out there. So, let’s see what can Brainwashing do?

Brainwashing belongs to Hitoshi Shinso in My Hero Academia. It allows the user to verbally command anyone he wants. But the condition is that the victim must answer one of the user’s questions i.e. they must conversate, even one word would work! 

Brainwashing mha

The user can select his victim. He is able to selectively decide when he wants to control them. The user can control multiple victims at once. Shinso uses Persona Chords, which mimics other’s voice, tricks the opponent and make them communicate. Hence, brainwashing takes place.

The brainwash victim looks spaced out. He remains conscious within his mind but in a daze while being brainwashed. Until the effect breaks, they can’t call out or do anything, they are rendered prisoned in their own body.

There are limitations everywhere, in case of brainwashing it comes as three downfalls. First one is that the victim must communicate. Second one is that victim get snapped out of this caged state once large amount of sudden pain (jolt) is faced. Third one is that the user finds it difficult to order his victim to perform complex tasks, they must be simple (at least in the case of Shinso).


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