Ice Cube defended his

Rapper and actor Ice Cube responded to the Twitter detractors who criticized him for collaborating with President Donald Trump. 

Writers Roxane Gay and Touré were among the celebrities who blamed Ice Cube for supporting the president with his “Black America Pledge” plan. 

Ice Cube reported that CNN had postponed an interview with Chris Cuomo on Thursday night in the wake of the uproar. “They don’t seem to be able to absorb the facts,” he said.

Ice Cube defended his "platinum plan" for the Black Americans with Trump

N.W.A rapper and filmmaker Ice Cube defended his involvement with the Trump administration after the online backlash by influential opponents, claiming that he was collaborating with the president to support Black Americans. 

After Trump’s campaign advisor Katrina Pierson announced in a tweet on Tuesday that Ice Cube had helped to create President Trump’s “Promise to Black America,” sometimes called the “Platinum Initiative,” an initiative to raise the prosperity of Black communities, Twitter users, including celebrities, started condemning the change. 

Actor Roxane Gay suggested that the Trump administration paid Ice Cube, tweeting, “When did the NWA guy become MAGA?”

Journalist and writer Touré tweeted that rapper has been “used” by the Trump administration to provide input on the program. “Trump has proved to be our adversary,” Touré said, pointing to Trump’s record with Black Americans.

Ice Cube has previously been a staunch opponent of President Trump, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

In a series of tweets, Ice Cube defended his decision to partner with Trump, writing that either aspect of the political spectrum is the “Darkside” and claiming that he did not support any presidential nominee.

“They’re all the same before everything changes for us. They’re all lying and they’re stealing, so we can’t afford to bargain with someone in authority because our situation in this country will never change,” he said in a tweet on Wednesday. “Our justice is a bipartisan one.”

Ice cube and Trump

Ice Cube said that he told Trump about the current race platform using his Deal With Black America, an effort he introduced in July that would inspire politicians to contribute to solving racial inequality. 

He also said that CNN had canceled his interview with Chris Cuomo on Thursday night in the wake of the uproar. “It seems they can’t take the facts,” he said.

CNN did not comment on the cancellation and the network official did not respond directly to the request for comments. 
Ice Cube has received criticism on Twitter in the past to spread anti-Semitic memes and conspiracy theories. On June 6, he tweeted an anti-Semitic image and said, “F— THE NEW NORMAL UNTIL THEY FIX THE OLD NORMAL!”


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