Kill la Kill: What are the Chances for Second Season?

Studio Trigger’s 2015 Kill la Kill was a controversial yet popular series among many fans who tried to continue the unique legacy of Gurren Lagann’s Hiroyuki Imaishi in one way or another. The series is basically an action-comedy set in Honnouji Academy and the plot provides many traits from shonen fighting tournaments to alien invasions to most ridiculous fan service costumes to nudity to blood and gore to worst narrative excuses for sexuality and fascism.

The anime adaptations as well the video game adaptations have been the pre-eminent sources for viewers to spend their time with Ryuko Matori and the rest of the academies. For those of you who are still waiting for a sequel, this article might not be for you people as we dive into why there will be no second season.

Kill la Kill follows scissor blade wielder Ryuko as she’s on her way to avenge her father’s death. This brings her to Honnouji Academy, a school where a strict curriculum is followed using unconventional methods. Strict student council is the ‘father supreme’ ruling the students with an iron fist and this dictatorship is enforced using Goku Uniforms.

The student council president Satsuki Kiryuin with her uniform named Junketsu maintains a strict class structure. This is where our protagonist comes with her uniform Senketsu which bestows her with extraordinary powers in exchange for ‘her blood’. She uses her strength to fight evil.

A second season after 7-8 years is not that uncommon in the anime community but in this case, the possibilities are quite low. Kill la Kill aired from 2013-15 (Japan + Worldwide) and ended on a sweet note with the enemy defeated and humanity served. Those of you still hungry for more material can check out the 24 episode anime series always, then there is an OVA epilogue, manga, and video games.

Moreover, Studio Trigger is a universe in itself with anime characters often appearing in series not their own. Space Patrol Luluco even visited the Kill la Kill universe in their 7th episode. So, you might see Ryuko or Satsuki, or Mako in Studio Trigger’s upcoming projects.


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