Levi Ackerman is undoubtedly the best character in the entire Attack on Titan anime saga. He is the best soldier in the entire world. He believes in killing rather than being killed (Eaten by the titans). He had once admitted that he’ll kill anyone who will come in his way. Mr. Super popular Levi even got his own spin-off series, namely, Attack on titan-‘No Regret’ which of course is a huge success. He is a ‘clean freak’. He is famous for wiping his blood bathed blades, while still on the battlefield.

Ranking Levi Ackerman best fights

Levi vs The beast titan: –

Even though Levi Ackerman has always been the greatest soldier but the fans had never witnessed his actual potential. They first witnessed it in the fight between Levi and Beast titan. This will always remain as the most classic battle sequence in the entire Attack on Titan anime series. How the fight between the best-of-best warriors always gives chill, this fight between beast titan and Levi is the best definition of such a fight. Beast titan was the commander of the titan army.

Levi vs The beast titian

He was acting all mighty with everything pre-planned. But Levi single-handedly took down dozen of titans. Only when he noticed his army has fallen Levi lept through the air with speed like no other. Levi, with full confidence, with few brutal moves cut the beast titan down and got the controller, Zeze. And brutally killed him in his human form.

Levi vs Kenny’s squad: –

Levi Ackerman and the squad got trapped by Kenny and his Interior Squad team. (Spoiler)Kenny is the same person who took Levi when his mother died. This fight between the interior squad, created by Kenny, and Levi and his squad is to take note of. Initially, Kenny’s squad overpowered Levi’s squad, they predicted their every movement.

levi vs kenny squad

But soon Levi revived with great tactics. He was cutting down Kenny’s squad members like they were no humans. This fight furnishes every proof needed about Levi being the captain of the Special operation squad. The animation is 3DMG which is quite good.

Levi vs Female titan: –

This is during the 57th Expedition beyond the walls, Levi and his squad had to change course towards Titan’s Forest. Survey corps decided to keep riding forward so that they would capture the Female Titan. But the female titan was able to harden her skin, moreover, other titans came to her rescue. Therefore, the squad was unable to extract the human from the titan shell. This Female titan killed the whole squad and took Eren, then Levi Ackerman and Mikasa joined forces.

Levi Ackerman and Mikasa joined forces.

During the fight, Levi directed Mikasa not to kill the titan, just distract her due to her hardening ability. Levi Ackerman rained a chain of successful attacks on the Female titan with an awful amount of speed and tenacity. On seeing the helpless titan, Mikasa disobeyed Levi and went to attack her. The female titan swung her fist at Mikasa but in order to save her, Levi got his left leg broken. Levi continued to fight as he would, he cut open the titan’s facial muscles and grabbed Eren, and fled with Mikasa.

Levi vs red eyed titan(Aberrant titan): –

This is the part of ‘No regret’ OVA. This fight is the cause of Levi’s transformation into the ruthless titans’ killer we know him today. Levi and his friends encountered a particular red-eyed titan. When Levi found his friends in shreds, their skulls lying on the ground, half of their body peeking out from titan’s mouth.

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Levi Ackerman loses track of his control. Levi slashed the titan like a tomato, he didn’t just give it straight cuts rather made him taste the hell. This battle spirit is native to the Akerman clan.


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